management and installation


The design explored how public space can be used and transformed into spaces that can accommodate events that usually happen inside defined building spaces.  How the use of public art and events, can transform public spaces into spaces for discussion and social expression.

The idea is to celebrate the university as an event.  University is the institution where students are educated and taught to think critically about the world.  There are so many things happening inside these different departments, students create and present their ideas to their fellow classmates, but before they leave the university they very rarely get the chance to test them on the greater public.

In this design the students on campus, that are not part of these faculties, are seen as the greater public.  So spaces are created where students can present their ideas, creations and inventions to the greater public.  It is not the intention to isolate campus from the broader spectrum, but to also use advertising to bring in the public from outside, to witness and experience these events. These spaces can also be used by the University, when not in use by the client, for instance on open-day.

issey miyake


The design aim was to capture the following elements: quality of the material, presence of colour and the effect of light on the materials used to create Issey Miyake's fashion.  The experience of clothing as a second skin to the body was translated into the design by incorporating a sculpture of the human body.  This also gives the materials a three dimensional quality.

A strip of unusual materials, used by Issey Miyake, is expanded in space from an aluminium unit, using steel rods.  The material hangs freely creating a sense of flow, with spotlights built into an aluminium panel that highlights the quality and colour of the materials.  The audience gets glimpses of human body sculptures displayed behind the flowing strip - the body being the medium to bring fashion into live.